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Mr. Simmons has been practicing law in the criminal field in Broward County for almost 15 years. He is a former prosecuting attorney for the State Attorney’s Office and former Public Defender in Broward County, Florida. He has had the unique opportunity of handling both misdemeanor and felony cases on both sides of the judicial system in Broward County. This unique training and experience has equipped Mr. Simmons with the ability to view your case from a broad perspective and assert the very best possible defense in your case.

Since leaving both the State Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Public Defender, Mr. Simmons has devoted his practice to defending those individuals accused of a criminal offense. A criminal charge is a serious matter that can have a devastating impact on your reputation and livelihood. In each and every case, Mr. Simmons will evaluate your case and assert the best defense available with the ultimate goal of having your cased dismissed and your reputation restored.

If you have been charged with any criminal offense by way of an arrest or notice to appear in court, you may feel overwhelmed by the experience and may have many unanswered questions. The Law Office of Dave L. Simmons, P.A., offers a free consultation to discuss the facts and details of your case. Take the time to know your legal rights by calling the office and setting up your free consultation. (954) 765-3540