Client Reviews

"David is an outstanding lawyer. David was most caring on a personal level as well as working on my case. His understanding and honesty was genuine. I would advise you, to call David. He should be the first lawyer you call for your situation. I highly recommend him."
-Joey John

"Dave Simmons delivered on his word."
-Div Ine

"here aren't enough good things I could say about Attorney Simmons. The best way I can describe my experience hiring him was, I went in concerned for my safety and having issues regarding obtaining a permanent injunction.. Mr Simmons listened, explained how things would go and in the end, it all happened exactly that way. Not only was he correct but he was extremely fair with his fees, fantastic in returning calls or emails and all that an attorney should be in a court room. He's extremely professional, assertive and easy to communicate with. His personality made it much easier to negotiate the settlement with the defendant's legal team. I wouldn't hesitate to hire this attorney one bit because you will not be disappointed one bit. Best of all is, you will not feel like one more file on his desk. You will feel like a person who's being listened to and in the end, you will be happy with the outcome of your case."
-Monica Vila

"Dave, saved my life! I recommend him highly above any other attorney. When other attorneys just wanted money and did not care about me or my case. Mr. Simmons took the time to meet and speak to me to see to it that the criminal justice system did not railroad me. I am eternally grateful to Dave for the work he did in securing a fair judgment on my behalf. He listened to me and understood how much was at stake for me and worked HARD for me to see to it that I got a fair judgement. I cannot stress it enough how great of a man he is. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE trust me when I say you will be extremely happy for choosing him to represent you!"
-Nicholas Druzbik

"When I first met Atty Dave, I had no idea what to expect from an attorney other than what is on Television etc. During our initial consultation, Dave's calm/humble demeanor and informative guidance gave me the feeling that everything would work out fine. He is honest, devoted, diligent, understanding, and professional. Dave listened to me and took the time to explain my options and offer (before/after) advice. I can compare Dave to that of a friend (in time of need) and would recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice or representation."
-Nakita Howe

"I would like to first say on behalf of my whole family, thank you!! Dave Simmons delivered on everything he promised and really came through for my family!!! Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the law, we had a successful outcome. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process, was hard working and dedicated. I hope I never need the assistance of an attorney again, but if I do, I won't be looking any further than Dave Simmons"
-Jeff M

"If you're looking for an attorney who actually cares about your Mr. Simmons. I've seen reviews before and some are quite contrived...mine is real. I was a client of his and I will attest to his character and professionalism under oath."
-Shawn Connors

"I highly recommend Dave Simmons to any individual who is in need of a criminal lawyer. He was on top of my case from the very beginning. He was easily accessible by phone and email (even on the weekends!!!) And most importantly he was successful in getting a great resolution to my case. Thank you for everything Dave!"
-Marc Malloy

"Dave Simmons has been my trusted attorney since 2009. This gentleman wins cases, and that's that. He takes his work seriously and is easy to talk to. The one time I actually had to appear in court, he was there to move things along and make sure everything went smoothly. I couldn't be happier with the way things went. Thank you Dave!"
-Spencer Mock

"Dave is a excellent attorney! he handled my cases very well an not to mention always answered the phone when I called!!!! Also very reasonable price. He was willing to go to the court house for me and pay my fines si I didn't have to drive 7 hours to pay them and so I could get my licenses back that day. I highly recommend Dave Simmons best attorney in FLORIDA!"
-Rob Clayton

"I have to say, after using David Simmons as my criminal attorney for the past ten years, I would recommend his services to everyone and anyone who needs a great attorney that will fight for your rights to the door. Personally I can say, and prove, that Mr. Simmons is the best attorney in Florida. Again, thank you for everything Dave! If anyone has any questions about your experience and services PLEASE tell them to call me!"
-Tim Fogle

"If you're looking for an attorney who actually cares about your case... call Mr. Simmons. I've seen reviews before and some are quite contrived... mine is real. I was a client of his and I will attest to his character and professionalism under oath. From my initial consultation, until the closing of my case Mr. Simmons helped me understand the procedure and kept his word. Better yet, he defended me. Isn't that what we all want, someone to actually defend us? Although I was anxious to resolve my case, Dave methodically worked through his legal strategy and defended me aggressively. My case was dimissed!! Every case is unique; but for me, I cannot express enough what a relief it was to actually have someone work on my behalf. I am grateful, I am humbled, and I highly recommend him. Dave Simmons did a terrific job for me. He is a solid attorney with great character."
-Shawn Connors

"Dave Simmons is a skilled attorney who cares about his clients. My experience with Mr. Simmons was very positive & I highly recommend him to others."

"I have to say that I didn't know the first thing of what I needed to do for my situation. I was so pleased to have Dave Simmons to represent me and lead the way of what needed to be done. He was always 100% right on target and accurate on everything he told me. I have to say that having someone as knowledgeable as Dave Simmons is so important and hard to find. He had great direction in getting me through my case, always very professional and very patient with all of my questions. He deffinately has all the knowledge that one could ever ask for. He was always there for me if and when I had additional questions and helped calm me down to help me understand what the next move in my case would be. After every scheduled court date that he attended on my behalf, he always followed up with a phone call promplty after court to explain what had taken place and what the next step would be. The end result was a good one and now the only thing needing to be done is having Dave Simmons expunge my record of this incident and I will be all done with this case and could not have done it without him. If you are needing someone to represent you in a criminal case I highly recommend that you use Dave Simmons."
-NE. I.

"My experience with Dave Simmons was very positive!!! He was very professional and knowledgeable about many aspects of the law. He constantly kept me and my family apprised of what was going on with my case. He took his time and was very thorough, not rushing through any of it. Consequently, he was able to get me a full acquittal of all charges. He is now working on expunging my record, which would have never been possible without his expertise in the law. I would HIGHLY recommend using Mr.Simmons in any criminal case."
-J. M.

"Dave really helped me out of a bad situation. I was arrested while on a trip to Florida for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Feeling overwhelmed cause I couldn't show up to court in Florida Dave assured me he would look at every possible avenue to avoid going to court. Dave was able to get the case dismissed upon my completion of a class and a fine. Which is nothing compared to havin this black mark never being on your recored. I highly recommend Dave if you find yourself in a similar situation."

"Dave was genuinely cared about our case. He helped alleviate all our concerns every step of the way. He also displayed his talent by catching our opponent in a lie with has cross examination. I would definitely recommend him."